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More B.S.

By Bruce Schoenfeld

Some people know Mark Fusco as an all ECAC defenseman, but yesterday the redheaded sophomore earned a more important distinction. After hours of deliberation, Fusco was named as a defenseman on our all-Irish squad. The deliberation was to decide whether he belonged on the Irish or the Italian team, and frankly, this juror was swayed by the testimony of Mrs. Fusco, the former Joanne Mahoney, Congratulation, Mark.

The team, and the others are as follows:


Forward--Billy O'Dwyer, Boston College

Forward--Tom O'Regan, Boston University.

Forward--Kirk McCaskill, Vermont

Defense--John Donnely, Dartmouth

Defense--Mark Fusco, Harvard

Goalie--Bob O'Connor, Boston College

Honorable Mention--Bill McDunough, Boston College, Jim Herlihy, Boston College

Coach--Bill O'Flahserty, Clarkson

Comments--This squad has a heavy Boston flavor, and rightfully so, Snooks Kelley is the Head Coach Emeritus, the team plays at McHugh Forum, and is covered by Bob Monahan.


Forward--Rich Costello, Providence

Forward--Wan Poliziani, Yale

Forward--Ed Rausso, Boston College

Defense--Jim Colucci, Providence

Defense--Kea Fargnioli, Maine

Goalie--Don Syivestri, Clarkson

Honorable Mention--Joe Gagliardi, Yale, Dino Macaluso, RPI, Tony Visone, Harvard Bring Russell, Harvard.

Coach--Leo Lamoriello, Providence

Comments--Two. P.C. players and a coach? Well, official team writer Bill Purillo of the Providence Journal points out that the Italian restaurant on Pederal Hill outclass the North End, and what better way to judge Italians than by their cooking? That obviously makes Joe Bertagna the SID for this team, which plays on an outdoor rink near the Rhode Island state capitol.


Forward--Robert Lafleur, Maine

Forward--Gaetern Bernier, Maine

Forward--Denis Lapensee, Colgate

Defense--Yves Robitaille, Mine

Defense--Sylvain Brosseau, Vermont

Goalie--Guy Lemonde, Colgate

Honorable Mention--George Boudreau, Boston College, Rene Fradet, RPI.

Comments--No, there's no coach on this team, and when Maine's SID Bob Creteau leaves, there won't be anybody to keep stats, either. That's a shame: because this is a highflying unit that can play with anyone. They sound like hockey players.


Forward--Mike McPhee, RPI

Forward--Kurt Kleinendorst, Providence

Forward--Bob Brooke, Yale

Defense--Joe Jangro, Dartmouth

Defence--Andre Aubut, Maine.

Goalie--Bob Barich, Boston University

Honorable Mention--Scott Sangster, Harvard Joe Jirele, Maine, Leo Landers, Cornell

Coach--Tim Taylor, Yale

Comments--What can you say about this team except that the writer has to be Dick Dew? Oh, and that it plays in Appleton Arena up in Canton, N.Y. ALL-DIRTY, or, six guys you wouldn't want to meet in an alley:

Forward--Dan Fridgen, Colgate

Forward--Ken Koenig, Princeton

Forward--Ron Milardo, Brown

Defense--Darrell Petit, Brown

Defense--Joe Gallant, Cornell

Goalie--Ron Dennis, Princeton

Honorable Mention--Toy Kerling, Cornell, Alan Litchfield, Harvard, Bryan Price brown.

Coach--Dick Bertrand, Cornell

Comments--it should be noted that some of these players transcend physical hockey and enter the realm of street crime. Others aren't that bad, and just play rough with the emphasis on the elbows. You can figure our who goes where. The team plays in Lynah Rink, Ithaca, and is covered effectively by hockey writer Stan Fischler.


Forward--Garth Klimchuk, Yale

Forward--Gaeten (Gales) Orlando, Providence

Forward--Shayne Kukulowicz, Harvard

Defense--Lennox Sterling, Colgate

Defense--Maurizio Pasinato, Northeastern

Goalie--Cleon Deskalakis, Boston University

Honorable mention--George Demetrolakis, Northeastern, Jak Bestle. RPI

Coach--Brush Christenson, University of Alaska-Anchorage

Comments--With Rob Sherstibetoff and Jacques de St. Phaille out of the league, this team suffers some, but the crowds will pack Snively Arona (Durham. N.H.) as always. An announcers' dream, the squad's nickname, the Union College, of Schencetady, N.Y., is the Skating Dutchman.

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