Fusco the Irishman and Other Stars

More B.S.

Some people know Mark Fusco as an all ECAC defenseman, but yesterday the redheaded sophomore earned a more important distinction. After hours of deliberation, Fusco was named as a defenseman on our all-Irish squad. The deliberation was to decide whether he belonged on the Irish or the Italian team, and frankly, this juror was swayed by the testimony of Mrs. Fusco, the former Joanne Mahoney, Congratulation, Mark.

The team, and the others are as follows:


Forward--Billy O'Dwyer, Boston College

Forward--Tom O'Regan, Boston University.


Forward--Kirk McCaskill, Vermont

Defense--John Donnely, Dartmouth

Defense--Mark Fusco, Harvard

Goalie--Bob O'Connor, Boston College

Honorable Mention--Bill McDunough, Boston College, Jim Herlihy, Boston College

Coach--Bill O'Flahserty, Clarkson

Comments--This squad has a heavy Boston flavor, and rightfully so, Snooks Kelley is the Head Coach Emeritus, the team plays at McHugh Forum, and is covered by Bob Monahan.


Forward--Rich Costello, Providence

Forward--Wan Poliziani, Yale