Applications Rise

Admissions officers at Columbia College announced last month that their move to co-education has resulted in a dramatic increase in the size of their applicant pool and a marked improvement in the quality of accepted students.

More than half of the college's December early decision acceptances were women and James McMenamin, director of admissions, said that, in addition, applications increased by several hundred more than predicted. The rise was generated in part by an increase in male applicants, confirming a central argument of coeducational supporters--that the admission of women would also attract more men.

McMenamin, who as recently as two months ago predicted that the applicant pool would be about 5000 now believes that the figure will by February reach 5500 a 51 percent increase over last year. This he added may eventually reach 6000 due to late applications.

A 51 percent increase is just amazing McMenamin exclaimed.

Columbia Daily Spectator, January 26. Prepared by Robert M. Neer


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