Victory Sets Ticket Office Into Motion

Policy Limits Distribution for Hockey

The Harvard hockey team's win last night has prompted the ticket office to reinstate a new distribution policy developed last year.

The policy will limit the number of tickets that may be purchased by a single student to about 10, according to John P. Reardon '60, director of athletics. "There is a limitation this year that was put into effect after the trouble last year when we had to be really tight with our ticket sales. We're being a lot looser now because there just haven't been any problems so far," Reardon said yesterday.

Tickets for the play-offs--scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights--are currently being printed, said Gordon M. Page, the director of ticket policy, yesterday. Sales will begin Friday morning at Harvard Hall at the discounted price of $3 for students with I.D.'s, and $6 for those without, he added.

Last year at this time, before the limits were instituted, hundreds of students camped out overnight outside Harvard Hall to gain admittance to the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (E.C.A.C.) hockey playoffs. Some students bought large blocks of tickets, while others were unable to obtain any.

"Last winter there were people coming in from under the woodwork. Students were sleeping here overnight, and having others hold their place in line while they went to class," said Page, adding. "It was a madhouse." This year, interest has subsided, according to Page.

The hockey game is scheduled for 7:30 on Friday, which coincides with the men's basketball game against Cornell--a contest that could put the cagers on the road to their first Ivy League title.

Expected traffic difficulties have prompted officials to propose staggered game times, with one game at 7:00 and one at 8:00. This move must be approved by the E.C.A.C. and both of the teams, Reardon said yesterday.

Harvard teams have not been as successful this season as in past years, and this accounts for decreased student interest, according to Page. However, he does think that Bright arena, which seats 3300 will be filled on Friday night. Twenty percent of the seats are reserved for the visiting team. Standing room can be bought for $5 at the game.