Radcliffe Starts Mentor Program

Short Takes

Radcliffe College will offer a new career exploration program which will match women undergraduates with Boston women professionals.

The Radcliffe Mentor Program will give junior women students the opportunity to know and talk with professional women who work in their fields of interest, Cindy Piltch '74, alumna head of the program.

"I'm aware that men have natural networks. Women don't have as many available," Piltch said.

Alumnae who started up the program "recognize that they could have used role models" said Dean of Radcliffe College Philippa Bovet, director of the program.

Bovet said the new program may be an alternative for women undergraduates who miss out on the overbooked Radcliffe externship programs, which are offered during spring vacations.


Students in the new program will each meet with one of the 50 "mentors" at least 12 times during the year and they may spend days visiting at work with the Radcliffe graduates.

Monica A. Gorman '87, who will apply to the program, said she hopes to "get some idea about what sort of problems women have" in the professional world.

"I'm interested in seeing how they balance their careers with their family life," said Laurie A. Doucette '87, another applicant.

Applications for Radcliffe juniors are due today in the Dean's off