Dartmouth Frosh Won't Be Punished For Storming Field at Harvard Game

Harvard Police said they will not prosecute Dartmouth freshmen who charged onto the field during the Harvard-Dartmouth football game at Soldiers Field. As a result, the Dartmouth administration will not seek disciplinary action against any of the freshmen, as had earlier been suggested.

Dartmouth's dean of freshmen said she was planning to take action against the students involved but dropped the idea when Harvard Police could not identify any of the students.

"What could I do," said Harvard Police Chief Paul E. Johnson. Bring "a class-action suit against Dartmouth?"

Johnson said that he was unaware prior to the game of the Dartmouth freshman tradition of charging onto the field and forming their class year number--in this case '89. It was only after the game that a deputy told him about a similar incident in 1983, in which the freshmen "interfered with their own band."

Once the freshmen got onto the field on Saturday, Johnson decided to let them stay there. "As long as they're just going to run around...we'll let it run its natural course."


Johnson, who watched the activity from above the field, said he did not see an officer physically abuse a Dartmouth student, as some eyewitnesses had reported.

Johnson said he made no special preparations for last weekend's game against Princeton. As for the next game against Dartmouth at Soldiers Field, which will be in 1987, Johnson said that "warnings may be given before the game. Many disciplinary actions can be taken."