Intercollege Band Battle Fought Tonight At Union

The Harvard band "Bored of Education" seeks to crush its MIT, Brandeis, and Boston University opponents tonight, during the second-annual Intercollegiate Battle of the Bands.

The battleground will be the Freshman Union. The three opposing powers are MIT's "The Other Hand," Brandeis' "The Anti-Zeroes," and Boston University's "The Eskimos." And between each performance, the Wellesley College deejay Alice Lei will play dance mixes, said Jeffrey A. Nachmanoff '89, one of the organizers of the Student Production Agencies-sponsored event.

Four music experts from Capitol Records, "Beat" Magazine, and two local clubs will judge the event, Nachmanoff said.

"Bored of Education" snagged the honor of being Harvard's representative to the intercollegiate melee after it out-rocked four other Harvard bands at the all-Harvard Battle of the Bands on April 5 at the Leverett House dining hall.

Tonight's confrontation is intended as an intercollegiate mixer as well as a music contest, Nachmanoff said. "It's a chance to meet kids from other schools as well as hear the bands play," he said.


Last year's title went to a Brandeis band that will not participate in today's musical tussle.