A Look at Other Campuses:


Three students were expelled from a summer program at the University of Pennsylvania for anti-Semitic behavior, said Jay R. Begun, editor-in-chief of The Summer Pennsylvania.

Two high school seniors and Penn student Tracy Ward were kicked out after a residential counselor in the dormitory reported them for playing a Holocaust-style card game entitled "Extermination," Begun said.

The students--none of whom are Jewish--invented the game, which was based on the genocide of six million Jews in World War II. The students assigned values to the cards, then played to "kill" as many of their Jewish "opponents" as they could, Begun said.

The two high schoolers had been among a group of gifted high school students enrolled in a five-week program co-sponsored by the Wharton School of Business and the State of Pennsylvania. Ward, who will be a sophomore at Penn this fall, was a residential counselor in the dorm.



A California court yesterday decided to allow Stanford University to continue a motion that would shield the school from potential NCAA penalties, a reporter for The Stanford Daily said.

Last fall, a diver on the Stanford women's team, Simone Levant, refused to sign the NCAA drug-testing consent form on the grounds that it violated her rights under the California constitution, said Liz Lempert of the Daily.

Levant dropped the case after failing to reach the NCAA championship round, but a player on the women's soccer team reopened the case, Lempert said.

A court injunction allowed both athletes to compete on university teams while the lawsuit was pending. But Stanford stands to incur NCAA penalties if the students lose, because they will be ruled ineligible for a period of time during which they competed for the Cardinal.

Yesterday's motion will probably result in immunity for Stanford regardless of the case results, Lempert said. Stanford has not taken an official stance on drug testing, but a number of administrators have spoken out against it, she added.

Although a decision in the case will probably have to wait at least one more year, victory for the students would exempt all California students from drug testing and could have a national impact, Lempert said.

Boston U.

Instead of putting up with a bathroom somewhere down the hall and paint peeling off your bedroom wall, how about letting Boston University put you up in a room in the Hyatt, plus maid service?

It's going to happen again, officials at B.U. said. The school has more students than beds, and will once again have to house them in local hotels.

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