Students Pick Dukakis, Dole

Although voters across Massachusetts and 19 other states will cast their ballots in tomorrow's Super Tuesday primaries, more than 60 percent of Harvard students polled yesterday said they are undecided or plan not to vote.

In a random telephone survey of 332 undergraduates. The Crimson found only 183, or 55 percent, of them plan to vote in a presidential primary. Additionally, among those students polled who plan to vote, 30 percent said they remain undecided.

Gov. Michael S. Dukakis was the most popular Democratic candidate, drawing support from 39 percent of the 119 registered Democrats who plan to vote. Sen. Robert Dole (R-Kan.) led the Republican candidates with half of the 38 GOP members who plan to vote choosing him.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Sen. Paul Simon (D.-III.) each garnered 13 percent of the Democratic voters, and Sen. Albert J. Gore Jr. '69 was favored by 9 percent. Former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart and Rep. Richard Gephart (D.-Mo.) brought up the rear, with each receiving 2 percent support among Democrats who plan to vote.

Among the Republican voters. Vice President George Bush was the choice of 24 percent. Rep. JackKemp (R.-N.Y.) and former television evangelistPat Robertson were selected by 2.5 percent of theGOP members.

Only Dole and Dukakis had supporters among theIndependents, as 12 percent picked the Kansassenator and 8 percent chose Dukakis.

According to the poll, 65 percent of thestudents who plan to vote are registeredDemocrats, 21 percent are Republicans and 14percent are Independents. Twenty-two percent ofthe Democrats, 21 percent of the Republicans and81 percent of the 26 Independents polled said theyare undecided.

Of the students who plan to vote, about 44percent of them said they would vote inMassachusetts, while the remaining 57 percent willeither return home or cast absentee ballots.

According to Election Commissioner SondraScheir, between 800 and 1000 Harvardundergraduates are registered in Cambridge