Arrival of Condom Machines to be Delayed

You can't hurry love, no, you'll just have to wait--until Harvard resolves a liability dispute with the company that was scheduled to install condom vending machines in dormitories this week.

The TD Vending Company, which was to have provided the machines, has no liability insurance and has refused to sign Harvard's accreditation form, a spokesman for Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III said yesterday.

Without such assurances, "Harvard would be responsible for any damage the machines may cause," said spokesman Ellen Hatfield. "The machines would be installed in the walls. If the wall would fall apart, Harvard would be forced to take responsibility."

Hatfield said she could not estimate the length of the delay.

Purchasing Office representative Robert Dwyer said he could provide no information on the issue.


The machines reportedly should have been installed already, but according to Undergraduate Council member Noam Bramson '91, there is "a problem with the contract."

Bramson, whose campaign for the machines began last fall, said a standard procedure for vending companies that do business with Harvard is causing the delay. But he declined to provide further information, saying, "there may not even be a problem."

Undergraduate Council Services Committee Chairman Deborah J. Slotnick '90, whose panel arranged to have the machines installed on campus, also declined to comment.

Epps, Hatfield, Dwyer, and two students from the undergraduate council student service committee are scheduled to discuss the problem today.