Does This Film Sound Familiar to You?

"I'll take `Movies' for $100, please, Alex."

All right. This film features lovable, bumbling criminals who just can't seem to succeed at pulling off their big heist.

"That's easy, Alex. What is Ruthless People?"

Wrong. Let's try again. This film involves a bunch of hostages whose humorous idiosyncracies emerge while they're being held at gunpoint in a stand-off with police.

Quick Change

Directed by Howard Franklin and Bill Murray

Produced by Robert Greenhut and Bill Murray

Warner Bros.

"What is Cadillac Man?"

Wrong again. The star of this movie is a guy who dresses up in a crazy disguise as part of a bank robbery, and spends the rest of the film trying to evade the long arm of the law.

"What is Nuns on the Run?"

No. This movie is set in New York City, where the ingenuous stars run up against a whole string of stereotypical Manhattanites: yuppies, cabbies, mafiosi...

"What is Crocodile Dundee? Oh, hell--what's The Muppets Take Manhattan?"


Give up? Well, the movie is Quick Change. But it's no wonder that most elements of its plot may remind you of other recent films.