Cabbie Shot in Central Sq.

Passenger Fired Bullet Through Lip, Taxi Driver Says

A Boston taxi driver was shot by his passenger Thursday night after dropping him off in Central Square, according to police reports.

Patrick Theodur of Mattapan, a 31-year-old driver with the Red & White Cab Association, walked into the Cambridge Police Department at 7:45 p.m. and reported that his passenger had shot him in the mouth with a handgun.

According to the police, Theodur was admitted to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston with a "lip wound." A spokesperson at the hospital confirmed that Theodur was "treated and released" Thursday night but could offer no further information on Theodur's condition.

The crime was listed in the Cambridge Police Department's public records as "attempted murder, assault and battery with a deadly weapon with intent to rob."

A police report described the suspect as a Black male, 16 to 18 years of age, about 5' 6" tall and weighing 110 to 120 pounds. The suspect was wearing a blue jacket and blue pants at the time of the shooting.


The records also mentioned a female passenger who may have been present at the scene of the crime.

Dave Bennett, a supervisor at the Red & White Cab Association, said that Theodur's fateful trip began when he was hailed by two people on a street in Roxbury.

"Apparently, one of them got out along the way, and [Theodur] continued to Central Square, and when he got there, the guy got out and shot him," Bennett said. "I guess [Theodur] walked to the police station himself."

Bennett said that Theodur had probably been driving with Red & White for less than a year. Theodur did not come to work yesterday, Bennett added.

Shootings such as the one which occurred Thursday night have not been uncommon, said Bennett, who mentioned the recent murder of another Red & White driver. "He was murdered not that long ago, in Dorchester," Bennett said. "He was shot four times."