GOP Club Changes Its Name

Group Now Known As 'Harvard-Radcliffe' Republicans

Members of the Harvard Republican Club last Monday voted to change the group's name to the Harvard-Radcliffe Republican Club, club President Emil G. Michael '94 said yesterday.

The name change reflects the club's attempt to make current women members feel more welcome and to express the group's efforts to broaden its agenda, club officials said.

During last Monday's general meeting, about 75 percent of members voted in favor of changing the name to the Harvard-Radcliffe Republican Club, said Michael. Approximately 28 members attended the meeting: 25 were men and three were women.

"We're perceived as being a sexist organization," said Michael. "This might be a way to reach out to women and everybody, to tell people that we are the party for everybody."

Karen E. Boyle '94, who is in charge of membership, said the decision to change the name is a step forward.


"I think it's a prudent move for the club to move into the '90s," Boyle said.

But Boyle said she refused to disclose the number of men and women currently enrolled in the club because she did not believe the figure was relevant to the decision to change the name.

"It wasn't to recruit female membership," she said. "It was to recognize the females in the club and their association to Radcliffe College."

Michael said opposition to the name change came from members who believed the change was not likely to attract members.

The name change also reflects the club's desire to expand its platform, said Michael.

"The Republican Club has to focus on different issues. We have to change," Michael said. "This is one of our attempts to make the party more inclusive, to bring back the big tent."

Former president, Harry J. Wilson '93 said the decision to add Radcliffe to the name would help broaden peo- ple's perceptions about the club.

"I feel that the club has always beeninclusive, in terms of gender and race," Wilsonsaid. "But words carry a lot of impact, and I feelthat this semantic change will deepen theimpression that the club is concerned with women'sissues on the campus.