Harvard Undergrads Debut T.V. News Show

The first television program produced by a new group of Harvard students was shown in several undergraduate houses last night.

The program, "Currents," showcased two short films produced by the Harvard-Radcliffe Television Organization (HRTO), an unofficial student group that formed last spring.

The members of the organization said they are interested in giving undergraduates the opportunity to work in film and television, said Emily E. Brodsky '95, HRTO general manager.

"Currents," will be shown on Cambridge Community Television sometime next month, said Brodsky.

Adams, Cabot, Dunster and Kirkland houses aired the premier screenings last night. Only HRTO members attended the showings at Adams and Kirkland houses.


Future plans for HRTO include a newscast, a sports program, a soap opera and an interview program.

Brodsky said she expects to have four shows finished by next spring.

"The main problem is money," said David B. Camacho '95, HRTO's business manager.

Camacho said the group has received much of the video equipment from donations, and it is seeking other sources of support. The fledgling organization received a grant of $800 from the Office for the Arts and of $1100 from the Undergraduate Council.

Over 100 students have expressed interest in HRTO, said member Elizabeth H. Miller '92-'93. Miller said that HRTO members can work in any stage of film production, including script writing, "teching" and publicity.

Brodsky said it has been difficult for the new group to become known around campus.

"We are anticipating major building within three years," Brodsky said.

HRTO also hopes to find a permanent facility. The group currently uses the equipment of Cambridge Community Television, and holding meetings around campus.

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