Students Gather, Watch Super Tuesday Results

Students and tutors watched Super Tuesday primary results at organized gatherings in Mather and Winthrop Houses last night, and many reacted with surprise to Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton's strong showing in the South.

Twenty-five Mather residents sipped soda and munched on potato chips, cookies and cake as they set up their own political "party" last night.

Many, like Mather resident Samuel T. Menser '93, said they were happy with the primary results.


"I think Clinton is on his way to the nomination," Menser said.

Clinton supporter John T. Patterson '94 said he believed the results prove that former Massachusetts Sen. Tsongas' appeal is limited to upper and uppermiddle class voters and that only Clinton has broad-based appeal.


"Tsongas appeals to the same people that voted in the present administration," Patterson said.

Some students were not so pleased with Clinton's resurgence in the race.

"I'm disappointed," said James S. Rosen '92. "I was hoping that Tsongas would do better."

"It was kind of predictable that Clinton would win the South," said Brett Miller '93.

Mather government tutors Gerald S. Gramm '86 and Amaz Zelleke, who organized the event in that house, both said they were pleased with the results of the primary and the number of students who came to the party.

"I'm just happy that Brown made a strong showing [in Massachusetts and Rhode Island], and I'm happy about this strong, turnout for this party at Mather," Zelleke said.

"I think the showing at Mather is proof that students aren't as apathetic about politics as they're often accused of being," Zellecke said.

The showing was less strong at Winthrop, where a house committee-sponsored event drew only five residents to share snacks and musings on the Democratic race.