Greenhouse Cafe To Close in Summer

Harvard to Take Over Management

Harvard Dining Services will take over management of the Science Center's Greenhouse Cafe next fall, according to Dining Service Director Michael P. Berry.

The restaurant will not be" closing its doors forever," as recent newspaper advertisements have suggested, Berry said.

The cafe is currently owned by the University but is contracted to an outside firm. When their agreement expires in May, the University will take over day- to- day control of the cafe.

"It'II be a better area for students to feel comfortable in, and the faculty and staff will also enjoy a wider variety of food," Berry said.

Under the University's management, Dining Hall Services will change both the menu and the seating arrangement of the cafe, according to Berry.


"The main serving area will become larger, and the seating will be opened up into the cafe," Berry said. "Instead of looking half like a lounge and half like a cafe, it'II all become one main seating area."

Although some students interviewed yesterday said they looked forward to the changes, others expressed concern about the elimination of their late night study space.

"Where will I do my computer science problem sets?" asked Shyam S. Vijay'95.

Berry added that the new menu will include pizza, grilled burgers, frozen yogurt, a sandwich bar and a salad bar.

"There will also be several types of Crimson File Photo MICHAEL P. BERRY coffee and assorted beverages available," Berrysaid.

Berry said the cafe will close the Monday afterCommencement in order to undergo renovations thissummer. It will reopen the week after Labor Day.

Although prices will change due to differencesin the menu, Berry said the new prices will becomparable to the old ones and that they willstill be less than the ones charged in HarvardSquare.

Berry added that the cafe's name and hours willremain the same even though its decor will bedifferent.

"The students should like the new look. It'llbe more upscale, more retail," Berry said