Batswomen Run Wild Over Hapless Dartmouth

Harvard softball (14-8, 4-4 Ivy League) extended its winning streak to eight game yesterday, as it swept Dartmouth, 16-2 and 12-0, at Soldiers Field Park.

The standouts of the doubleheader include included freshman pitcher Jana Meader and junior Co-Captain Chris Carr, who together combined for a no-hitter in the second game; senior Julie Fromholtz who went 3-for-3 in the first game with four RBI's and a walk; and sophomore Nicole Desharnais who notched five singles in eight at-bats.

Coach Barry Haskell said the contests against the Big Green, which is rebuilding its program, were a confidence-builder.

"We got lots of at-bats, lots of swings at live pitching and some work done with our base-running," Haskell said. "The games definitely gave us a boost."

Haskell also appluaded the performance of Meader who has seen little time on the mound, but yesterday struck out seven dartmouth batters. Meader, normally centerfielder, is just one of several players who have flip-flopped positions for a versatile Crimson squadthis season.


"The best part about our last couple of games is that we're finally coming together and working as a team," freshman catcher Heidi Thompson.

The Crimson's string of eight victories has been helped by back-to-back doubleheaders against two teams, Cornell and Dartmouth, which are on the slow and ragged road to varsity-level status.

The skill of Dartmouth was noticably rough around the edges and Harvard wasted no time in honing its offensive skills. At the end of one inning the Big Green was already looking at the short end of a 13-0 stick.

To Dartmouth's credit, its university gives the student-run club very limited financial support, and the team has to raise its own money to hire a coach.

"With the recent budget cuts, the university claims that there is no way for us to guarantee that there will be interest in our sport," Captain Erica Beisler said. "Therefore, they can't support us, but the interest really is there."

With no recruits and a limited schedule, the Big Green's talents are certainly rusty but the team is still enthusiastic.

In the second game, batter Kelley Houston fouled off several Carr fastballs. When Carr finally caught her looking at a low pitch, Houston walked to the bench met by her teammates' high fives.

As for the Crimson, it will take its bolstered batting averages and confidence to the artificial turf field of Boston University for a doubleheader on tomorrow. "BU will give us a tough game, but I'll tell you what the biggest factor will be: the field," Haskell said. "It's like playing in the Star Market Parking lot."

HARVARD, 16-2 at Soldiers Field R  H  E Dartmouth  101  oox  xxx  2  1   3 Harvard  1330  oxx  xxx  16  142

HR:None.3B:None2B: Dartmouth--None: Harvard--Fromholz, Desharnais.

WP: Fromholz (3-3); LP: Beisler (0-2)

HARVARD, 12-0 at Soldiers Field R  H  E Dartmouth  ooo  oox  xxx  0  0   2 Harvard  560  1xx  xxx  15  15   0

HR:None.2B:Dartmouth--None; Harvard--Carr.

WP: Carr (8-3); LP: Beisler (0-3)