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How Does Your Style Measure Up?

By D. RICHARD De silva, Crimson Staff Writer

Ever since 1636, America's best and brightest young men have been packed off to Harvard Yard, dragging trunks full of their best clothes from home. Styles may have changed since the College abolished mandatory coat and tie in classes and the dining halls, but Harvard men still ride the cutting edge of fashion. From trendy to chi-chi to risque to just plain weird, STYLES profiles the way Harvard men sport their clothes today.


Yes, it's a stereotype, but it's true. Find 'em at the Advocate or der Spee.

Imagine the wardrobe for the Adams Family (the show as well as the house). They dress somewhat like Uncle Fester.

The Advocate man starts with a simple motif of black uniwear. If a bodysuit is unavailable, a baggy pair of black chinos with a black turtleneck will suffice.

For outer wear, he dons a too-new leather jacket with studs (NOT the Fonzi kind). Or better yet, a cloak (like Fester).

Usually spotted with lit Camels in hand and gel in the hair.

Concentration in Fine Arts or Philosophy.


This year, premeds are branching out into new shades of brown and grey, freely intermixing skin tone colors and shying away from trendy splashes of bright shades.

Look for those lingering bell bottom styles. Black socks with pre-Air Jordan running shoes is still a popular ensemble.

Contacts are out. Coke bottle glasses are back in. Hang onto those straight-legged, look-like-they-never-left-the-store Levis. But remember, no button flies. Ever. Pocket protectors are out. The pen behind the ear look is in. Other accessories: none (Mr. Premed doesn't waste his time with accessories).

Preppy Casual

Preppy casual is not a look. It's an attitude.Don't worry if you didn't go to Andover or St.Pauls; you can still master the studied sloppinessthat comes with not having parents to dress youduring your formative years.

The casual prep values comfort. He wears afaded flannel dress Campbell shirt and jeansgingerly slid below his waist. Of course, he's gotthe overstretched sweater naturally peppered withholes (Don't use scissors. It's too obvious).Then, there's the white Syracuse lax baseball capcocked at a rakish angle and suede moccasins worndown (absolutely no socks). Accessories: wovenstring bracelets, beer pong paddle sticking out ofback pocket.

Concentration in U.S. History (non-honors).


First-years annually inject new blood into theHarvard fashion scene, displaying the latest inteeny-bopper haute couture. That is, before theyinevitably evolve into one of the more firmlyentrenched Harvard types.

Before the first full month of fall semesterhas gone by, they fill the Yard with variations onthe First-Year Uniform: hooded Harvard sweatshirton top of a Crew 96 t-shirt; unlaced, oversizedAir Jordans; room card keys strung around theneck. Alternatively, they wear Athletic wear fromU. Homestate. Freshly chopped coiffes.

Preppy Tight-Ass

The quintessential Hahvahd Man is the starched,tight-ass preppy. Formerly known for his Hyannisdrawl, Brahmin lockjaw, and stock taste cultivatedfrom generations of inbreeding among the finestfamilies in America, he no longer preserves thatimpeccable WASPish pedigree. He has become morediverse, but remains a distinctive creature.

He buys his clothes from The Andover Shop. Hewears striped, button-down oxford shirts alongwith the omni-present khaki chinos. Closer tohome, he's got his wedgy-prone tighty-whitey BVDsfor that extra measure of support. Slumped overhis skinny torso is a cardigan wool sweater.

Horn-rimmed glasses are standard issue.Optional: bow-tie, tweed jacket, corduroy slacks.

Accessories: scarves, overcoats. EconomicsHonors concentrators. IOP junkies. GOP oppositionresearch interns.

A word of warning: J. Crew disciples may lookpreppy and sound preppy, but they aren't. They'rejust uptight.


Pick any item from the L.L. Bean wintercatalog.

The 1990s incarnation of the flower child, theoutdoorsy crunchy crunch dons a forest green orHeath-bar brown Patagonia jacket. Tevas withwoolen socks, trade beads strung on leather neckwear. FOP T-shirts from the mid 80s on top of greylongjohns or thermal underwear. Alternativefootwear: Birkenstocks worn down to peach fuzz.

Dred locks (for non-African American men) orreally dirty looking hair. Optional earrings.Facial hair is a must. Tracy Chapman tape primedat the ready.

Environmental Studies or VES concentrators.JUDY R. BUDNITZ

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