AAA Members Approve Sixteen Amendments

In a meeting that focused on the organization's future, the Asian American Association (AAA) voted for 16 amendments to its constitution last night, including a motion to move the group's elections from February to December.

The meeting, held in Harvard Hall, was attended by more than 35 people.

President Joan R. Cheng '95 said the election change was proposed because the Undergraduate Council and Harvard Foundation grant application deadlines are due in early February--just before AAA elections.

February elections had left incumbent officers unsure of which grants to seek since they did not receive input from the future officers who would control the grant monies.

"This is a much more efficient way of doing it," Cheng said. "It gives [new officers] time to plan what they want to apply for."


Participants in the meeting began nominations for the elections, which will be held on December 16.

Richard Lee '96 was nominated for president, as was the team of Antony Ling '96 and Paul Kim '96.

Other constitutional amendments approved last night were designed to delineate the officers' roles more clearly than in the original constitution. AAA also voted to officially promote the Educational/Political ad hoc committee to the status of standing committee.

Cheng said many of the amendments--such as the one which condenses the Educational/Cultural committee to the Educational Committee--are "red-tape changes" formalizing changes AAA has already made.

AAA also released last night the schedule for its annual "Cultural Month," which consists of six educational and social events over the next two weeks.