Murphy Officially Leaves Cincinnati

Tim Murphy, the newly appointed head coach of the Harvard football team, held a press conference yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio, to officially announce his decision to relinquish his position as the head of the University of Cincinnati's football program.

Murphy told the Cincinnati press and community that his choice to accept Harvard's offer to become the Crimson's 30th football coach was a difficult one for him to make.

"This is a tough school and town to leave," Murphy said. "This conference has been called to clear the air on a few things. [My decision] is the best thing for Tim Murphy and his family at this time."

The former Bearcat coach spent the past five seasons as the leader of Cincinnati's football program, where he compiled an overall record of 17-37-1 (.318). However, Murphy's team did finish this season with an very strong 8-3 mark, a dramatic turnaround from his first two campaigns of 1-9-1 and 1-10.

"I've accomplished everything I've set out to do here, except get to a bowl game," Murphy said. "Emotionally, I feel like one of the seniors and now I've graduated."

Murphy stressed that Harvard's stable environment appealed to him and made the offer to coach the Crimson hard to resist.

"Harvard is a unique place," Murphy said. "The stability is very appealing. The buildings there have been there for 300 years and they will be there 300 years after Tim Murphy leaves."