Illinois Union Seeks Support

In Speech to HUCTW, Members Attack Corporate Greed

Labor union members labeled Miller Beer a product of "corporate greed" and asked members of the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) to avoid the product yesterday.

The union members from Decatur, Ill, showed a video at the HUCTW meeting, telling their audience of 20 the details of their on-going battle with A.E. Staley, the company which manufactures the ingredients for Miller Beers.

For two years, striking Staley workers have been "locked out" because of disagreements over benefits and workers' rights.

"The strikers asked to be brought to [labor union] gatherings anywhere in the Boston metropolitan area," said John R. Harris, a member of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.

"They're trying to reach students, working people, and different unions and labor movements," Harris said.

The Staley union members said stops on their northeast tour would include Dartmouth, Brown, the University of Massachusetts and various union meetings.

One union member said the labor proponents targeted colleges and universities because they wanted to make their points before a future generation of business leaders.

"We're hoping to sway some future lawyers from being union-busters," said Dick E. Schabel.

Yesterday's audience included Boston residents, a few Harvard students, and HUCTW members.

"I had known about the strike," said Matthew Mayers '97, co-chair of the Phillips Brooks House Committee for Economic Change. "It's unfortunate that when we have an event like this, it's hard to get students involved."