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Valentine's Day Thoughts

...Family and Friends

By Jonathan Samuels

As we've painfully watched the calendar approach today's oft-dreaded holiday, I've been thinking that someone from up above is trying to send us a message with the endless spurts of snow: Get your mind off the ridiculous red of romance--and back to the white of family and friendship.

On this very page last year, I touched on this point by describing my most inspiring Valentine's Day memory--of my mother's annual Valentine's Day breakfasts. They easily put any Harvard Dining Services effort to shame--both in decorations and savory delights (not to mention my family's card-reading ritual). And last year, while many of my fellow editors lamented over their recent romantic foibles or reminisced about their fourth-grade kisses behind the oak tree, I explained how blood (the color of valentines) is thicker than water.

But as soon as the column hit the presses, I realized that I had forgotten something important, Thus I've returned, but not via Cupid's arrow. While you should remember your parents, grandfolks, aunts and uncles and cute little cousins today, I'm here to say that friends are important too.

Simply put, I love my friends of both genders. I want to tell them that--and I think you should tell yours that too. I want to thank them for helping me move my lazy-boy into my room. For keeping me sane when thesis deadlines fluster me. For putting the smile on my face, and for listening when the smiles are few and far between.

Just look at all of the "anti-Valentine's Day" efforts around campus these days. Case and point. Leverett House even held an "anti-Valentine" dance Saturday night. Yes, I know it's Leverett, but the house's event still supports my argument.

Some may truly hate the "romance" hubbub, but I'd venture to say that most of these dissenters just share my warm and fuzzy sentiment that we should welcome every-one with open arms on February 14.

Don't get me wrong--I'm as romantic as the next guy. For 365 days a year. But there are other considerations for today--I'll be spending quality time with the grandfolks in Connecticut, between a couple days of medical school interviews.

And while I might meet a nice woman who is also interviewing, and take her out for a Valentine's Day dinner (stranger things have happened), I'll probably spend my relaxing time in Connecticut working on my thesis. As a matter of fact, I'm currently trying to find a place in the text, as are my roommates in their theses, in which to insert the phrase "Love means never having to say you're sorry." While many apply this saying to their significant others, my roommates and I have pledged to include these words as a testament of our friendship.

Don't worry--I'll give my buddies a long distance ring today to let them know I care. I just hope none of you let today's opportunity slip away with the snow and ice. Please take advantage of your chance to let your friends and family and know you love them.

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