Boy, Do I Really, Really, Love N.Y.

On the John

The Yankees are in first place, the Rangers are the best team in hockey and the Knicks are about to send the Bulls packing.

Nothing could be better in the sports world. The old New York teams are doing it again. And you know what? The best part is there are no Boston teams in sight.

The Celtics? Throw me in at point guard for the good guys and the Knicks would still win. With the fans rocking and screaming and swearing and bunching like they do at the Garden (Madison Square, of course), it wouldn't even be close.

This Knicks team is at least as good as the '89 Pistons, maybe even the '85 Lakers (don't even talk to me about the '86 Celtics, they were overrated).

Seriously, have you ever seen a squad with this much depth and so much spunk? It's like the good old days, hard nose, "knock 'em sock 'em, mug 'em if you have to" basketball.

It's a real treat to the fans (especially when they get to fight with the players).

But enough about the Knicks, they've got the crown sewn up anyway. How about them Yanks?

Best record in baseball and they just keep getting better. I think Paul O'Neill's going to hit .450. You have to figure it will be a Yankee to beat Ted Williams' record (overrated, couldn't hit or field half as well as Dimaggio) anyway.

Then's there Don Mattingly and Wade Boggs. Two aging superstars, but it doesn't matter, they're still the best.

Don the Man has come off of what? or eight back surgeries, and he's still more agile than men one-third his age. He reminds me of that guy in Boston a few years ago. You know, Ewing's buddy, the token member of the Olympic team...Bird or Canary or Something. he had a back problem, they tell me.

And Boggsie, what a third baseman. He's paying like he just fell in love, huh? They said he was through in Boston, what a joke. If he doesn't remind one of an older Brooks Robinson, I don't know what does.

Speaking of Boston, it was a joy to see them bums get swept here in the Bronx. It's getting kind of old though. Do these guys ever win a big series, or a game for that matter, against our Yanks? About as often as Scottie Pippen hits a clutch shot.

Of course, we can't forget our Rangers in the State of the Apple address. 1940 was a long time ago--five Islanders, one Knicks and a slew of Yankees championships ago, to be more exact.

But it doesn't matter, this is our year. Messier is the best center in the game, maybe ever. He's just got that amazing sense for the game. Take him off those great Oilers' teams, and they just don't have the horses to win it all.

Speaking of those old Edmonton teams, nine players are now happily relocated in the Big Apple, the heart of the east coast. It's been 53 years, but the waiting's finally over.

I wish I could say the same about the Red Sox or Bruins. And speaking of those Bruins, Cam Neely's a free agent, wouldn't he look nice playing next to Messier? It probably won't happen, but then again they probably said Boston would never get rid of that guy Babe Ruth.

You know it's really nice being a New York fan. I love New York.

I just wish those Bostonians would stop giving us a hard time.