Weld Women Discover Naked Man in Bathroom

After a Saturday night out, Weld residents Georgia S. Lee '98 and Rachel L. Barenbaum '98 returned home early yesterday morning to find an unidentified naked man in their second-floor women's bathroom.

As the two women walked down the hall away from the bathroom, Barenbaum also saw two unfamiliar men, both dressed, Lee said.

None of the three men appeared to be students, the Weld residents said. Lee said she noticed early Saturday evening that one of the doors to the dorm was not working, and anyone could enter.

"I hope we get some better security around here," Lee said. "Something should be done about letting people into the dorm."

The women called the Harvard police, who arrived within a few minutes and surrounded Weld, Lee said. The police "caught" the two dressed men, Lee said, but it was unclear if any arrests were made.

Harvard police refused to comment yesterday.

Lee called the occurrence a "sick incident." Lee said that she felt quite safe in Weld prior to this incident, but that she had been frightened by the encounter.


Lee said that when she and Barenbaum first entered the bathroom, it was empty. But Lee said she saw a naked man "parading" around when she emerged from her stall. Lee said the man looked to be "about 23 or 24 years old."

As Lee and Barenbaum scurried out of the bathroom, they saw a second man--this one fully dressed--standing right outside the door.

This man told Lee and Barenbaum that his name was John and that he lived in the dorm next to Weld. The women then asked him if he lived in Pennypacker, which is not next to Weld, and the man said yes.

Figuring a Harvard student would know the location of Pennypacker, the women decided to call the police.

As Lee and Barenbaum prepared to make the call, Barenbaum saw a third unfamiliar man, also dressed, leaning over the second-floor staircase.

Weld resident Charles E. Sims '98, who also saw the man, said he complimented the stranger on his crimson-and-white striped shirt. Sims said he asked the man where he was from, and the man did not answer.

Given the Saturday night social climate of his dorm, Sims said he though "nothing" of the chance meeting--until later, when other Weld residents told him police had caught a man in a crimson-and-white-shirt.

Lee said residents often let people without card keys follow them into the dorm. Some residents suggested putting combination locks on the women' bathroom doors