Shuttles Buses Arrive, But Few Know Times

Quadlings Call Schedules Hard to Find

The only Harvard Shuttle schedule posted outside the Science Center is a 1993-94 edition, faded and incorrect.

Students who want to check the actual schedule must search the walls. One copy is hidden between chemistry sectioning lists inside the center; another is posted at the entrance to 29 Garden Street, which is neither a shuttle stop nor an undergraduate residence.

For students in need of a ride, the schedule posters in many Harvard buildings are inconveniently located and hard to spot. And the normal pocket-sized timetables are still not available.

"We expect to distribute [schedules] no later than next Monday," said Carl Tempests, who manages Harvard's shuttle services.

Until then, shuttle riders must either commit the posters to memory, or simply wait it out and hope a shuttle comes.

"I've heard people complain about it a lot, especially seniors who are used to having a shuttle," Liss L. Streyffeler '97 said.

The problem of absent pocket schedules results, ironically, from an effort by shuttle services to make them more useful, Tempesta said.

"We made some major changes in the month of August," Tempesta said. "We decided that they needed some changes."

The new schedules will include

telephone numbers and information about other student services. The timetable will also be "more of a pocket pamphlet" than a poster, Tempesta said.

The operations director said some changes came in response to student requests.

"Some of the things were requests from the Undergraduate Council," he said. "The format of the new schedule was something we thought would be better for the Harvard community."

Pocket schedules or none, weather has yet to make the shuttle a necessity for some students, despite the off-and-on rain since Friday.

"If it's there, I'll take it. If it's not, I'll walk," said Maia A. Gemmill '95.

Since she doesn't always use the shuttle at a set time, Gemmill often needs to refer to a posted schedule, but can't always find one.

"The shuttle schedule's not posted at Hilles," she said. "I guess it's kind of inconvenient."

Tempesta said the large schedules--where they are posted--are correct, and shuttles are running mostly on time.

"The sewer separation project has been a small delay with Quincy Street, including the Lamont Library stop," he said. "We haven't had any major delays in the shuttle schedule regarding Lamont Library."

Streyffler said she agreed that the problems with the shuttle are "more of an inconvenience than anything."

Once they are available, the newly printed schedules will be distributed at all dorms, libraries and dining halls, at the Science Center and at campus information booths, Tempesta said