GOP Needs Powell


The country does need fresh political solutions, and Colin Powell would certainly be able to offer them. However, the staff is wrong in insisting that Powell run as an independent. Powell is exactly the kind of leader the Republican Party needs and can support.

It's true that Powell will not win the support of right-wing zealots. Instead, he can represent the mainstream, reasonable Republicans that are all too often ignored. With Gramm, Buchanan and Dole splitting the votes and energy of the far right, Powell is an extremely viable candidate.

Without the GOP's resources, Powell would not be viewed as a serious candidate. Unlike Ross Perot, he is not independently wealthy and cannot afford to raise the issues in the same way. If the staff truly wants him to bring his point of view into the current political debate, they should encourage him to seek the resources that will allow him to do so.

Powell is the kind of person the country needs right now: someone who inspires positive feelings, knows the meaning of hard work and has excellent leadership ability.