W. Soccer Takes Home Identical Weekend Wins

Same story, different teams.

The Harvard women's soccer team (8-3-2, 3-1 Ivy) dominated both Pennsylvania (7-4, 2-1) and Central Connecticut (8-6) this weekend, even though the scoreboard didn't really reflect it. The games ended with identical 1-0 Crimson victories.

Harvard 1, Pennsylvania 0

The game started out with both teams looking evenly matched. Penn and Harvard kept the ball traveling through the midfield for the early part of the first half.

The tide soon turned in Harvard's favor. By the 15 minute mark, the Crimson had achieved the field position it would rarely give up throughout the remainder of the game.

"We dominated the entire game, but they packed it in the goal," said junior forward Naomi Miller.

The story of the day was defense as Harvard held Penn to one shot on goal. Harvard goalie Anne Browning had zero saves.

"I was really proud of them," said Harvard Coach Tim Wheaton. "I think the defense really did the job today."

Junior defender Brynne Zuccaro had two shots early in the first half--one caught by the Penn goalie and one sailing wide left.

At the 18 minute mark, a Harvard corner kick was headed toward the Penn goalie, who made the save.

The half ended with several Harvard shots, but no visible results.

In the second half, Harvard's edge seemed even more evident. Beginning at the 57th minute, Harvard was able to produce a scoring opportunity within every three minutes.

Finally, at exactly 70:00, sophomore Gina Foster crossed a shot from the corner of the penalty box over the goalie's head and into the back of the net. Harvard had the goal it needed to win the game.

After the goal, both teams seemed to get a little spring back in their step, but neither team could take advantage of the other.

"We'd like to get more production," Wheaton said. "We weren't quite as aggressive to the goal in the first half as we were in the second."

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