Final Clubs, Lesbian Sex and Me


I am writing to add to the growing discussion about the presence of the exclusive and male Final Clubs on this campus. I just learned about a special kind of Final Club party. For those of you who missed the event, there was an elaborate article about it in a recent issue of Perspective. For those who missed both, I can explain briefly: some AD men paid to watch two women have sex. In fact, these two women even gave these men the opportunity to watch their adventure with a double dildo, as well as a dildo harness (as Daria Crittenden quotes the men discussing it in her Perspective article, "'She even strapped it on!'")

I am intrigued by this event for several reasons. First, it's made me incredibly aware of how much I have in common with those men. Like the AD voyeurs, I find myself incredibly turned on by the prospect--let alone the actual live event--of watching two women have sex. In fact, I venture to say that, like them, one of my greatest pleasures in life is having sex with women. Frankly, I wish I could have been there. I would have loved to have attended such a sexual soiree. But alas, I could not. Not only am I not a member of the AD, I could never be one. Because I am a girl, and only boys can be Final Club members, I will remain willfully and systematically excluded from affairs like the aforementioned erotic display.

We all have differing views on pornography and the sex industry, and I respect these differences. But they are separate from the issue of women's systematic exclusion from the Clubs. I am simply expressing my own envy at being absent from--what seems to me to be--quite a lesbian fantasy come true.

What other fantasies-come-true are inaccessible to me besides this fleeting erotic thrill? What other opportunities am I missing? How about the fantasy of working in a big time law firm? Or the fantasy of a well-paying summer job? How about the dream of a network of alumni support? Those are the bigger questions I wonder about. Those are the questions we all should wonder about. --Diana Adair '98