Take a Bite Out of This


Destined to Be

In his first album, McGruff brings a new voice onto the East Coast hip-hop scene. The group, originally from Harlem, has a few memorable pieces that keep the album afloat, but fails to distinguish itself significantly through the course of the album.

McGruff is definitely capable of keeping up a beat; he shows this talent best in the opening number "Gruff Express," which maintains a lively backdrop as McGruff expounds on his plans for success and fame. Other exceptional pieces include "What Cha Doin' To Me" and "What You Want," both of which combine catchy backgrounds with the fast-paced lyrics.

These lyrics are, however, largely predictable. Nearly every song drives home McGruff's desire to succeed. The eponymous song is the best example of this sentiment, with McGruff touting himself as destined to be "the richest man on earth," living the good life in Beverly Hills. McGruff's confidence also spills over into his sexual escapades and permeates the album.

Destined to Be is not going to top the charts. Much of the album is unremarkable. McGruff is not without potential, however, and might improve his sound with age and experience.