Jewish Group Teaches Members How To Be a Man

They're gun-toting, chicken-slaughtering, beef-eating Harvard men. And they're Jewish.

They're also members of Hillel's Men's Group, a student organization that seeks to bring Jewish men together to "explore Judaism and gender-related issues."

Lofty mission statements aside--the Men's Group is not for the sensitive, touch-feely type of guy.


Just last month members of the group headed out to a local firing range in Bedford to learn the finer points of riflery and see who among them had the most accurate aim.

"It was unique," said member Steven P. Schwartzberg '01. "Having never touched a firearm before, [it] was interesting in itself."

By organizing "manly" outings for its members, Men's Club officers say they are filling a void in the Jewish community.

"These are the events that Hillel wouldn't sponsor themselves, so we take it up," said the group's co-chair David Wichs '00.

And unlike Hillel, members of the Men's Group claim that it doesn't take itself quite as seriously.

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