A summary of what's new, what's news, and what's just darn funny.


Since first-years have just found out the big news, we thought we'd share the insights of some seasoned students on the pros and cons of the various Houses. But just so you don't think this sounds like a house T-shirt collection, we've added a few things you probably didn't know (and might not want to).

Adams House

Pro: The Molotov Cafe has become a Bohemian joint almost to rival Cafe Pamplona.

Con: Second-hand smoke kills millions of Americans each year.


What You Didn't Know: The Lower Common Room features a small but working pipe organ.

Cabot House

Pro: The rooms are big, the parties are weekly.

Con: After three years, you'll still only know twenty people.

What You Didn't Know: One of the suites in the house actually has a bar built into it.

Carrier House

Pro: You get a single.

Con: You live in what should be a conference center.

What You Didn't Know: Internationally renowned pianist Randall Hodgkinson has an office and practices regularly in the house.

Dunster House