Urban League President Pushes for Black Advancement

Economic prosperity creates great opportunity

In an American economy ripe with opportunity, blacks stand to increase the socioeconomic status of their community--but they can't do it without education, the president of the National Urban League said in a speech last night at the Institute of Politics.

The state of black America today, Hugh Price said in his speech, "is one of unprecedented opportunity."

"Minimum wage may be too low to make a living, but at least blacks are getting into the labor market," he said.


His presentation, entitled "Urban Activism: Redefining America," emphasized maintaining an optimistic approach while pushing for advancement.

"Many in poor schools have not gotten on the economic 'up' elevator," and as a result are missing out on important opportunities, Price explained.

Price outlined ways in which his organization is working to push blacks as a group into a higher socioeconomic sphere. He began by stressing the "need to fight under- education so that African-Americans can reach their potential."

Since the U.S. has seen unprecedented employment growth in the last few years, there is a tremendous opportunity to advance in the workplace, he said. The Urban League, Price said, is working towards this resolution methodically.

The Urban League is "the premier social service and civil rights organization servicing African-Americans and others who are striving to enter the economic mainstream," according to its website.

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