Tufts President Backs Protesters

After less than 36 hours of protesting, Tufts student activists got their way yesterday when university President John DiBiaggio issued a letter supporting the protestors' interpretation of the university's non-discrimination policy.

At 7:30 last night, the protestors, who had occupied the campus's admissions building, ended their sit-in after receiving DiBiaggio's letter, which affirmed that the school's non-discrimination policy protects students from discrimination based on self-acceptance.

After a 34-hour sit-in, the students exited Bendetson Hall chanting, "We got our policy, you got Bendetson," while a crowd of about 100 onlookers cheered the outcome.


Tufts student Courtney Young, who had been inside Bendetson, gave a statement for the group, followed by a brief statement from Tufts history professor Jonathan Strong '66.

"We are happy to report that the negotiations were successful," Young said in her statement. "I would like to emphasize that Tufts has a rigorous and comprehensive non-discrimination policy."

Though the students did not leave the building until 7:30 p.m., the dispute reached its conclusion at 4:30 when Dean of Students Bruce Reitman informed the students inside the building that DiBiaggio had drafted a letter clarifying the school's policy.

"We were able to get the wording proposed to him, and the exact wording that we used, he accepted," said Adam Carlis, a Tufts student who had been in the negotiations.

The students met with DiBiaggio at 1:30 p.m. yesterday for 30 minutes. According to Carlis, the students suggested how DiBiaggio should word his statement.

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