Gore Minutes From Conceding

NASHVILLE--On the day after, no one in Nashville was exactly sure what had transpired in the War Memorial Plaza, where thousands of supporters for Vice President Al Gore '69 had gathered on Election Night.

Had it been a premature victory party? Had it been the Hollywood tale of the comeback kid? Had it been just a bad dream?

The Plaza stood abandoned yesterday, only hours after supporters had finally dispersed, after receiving news that the mind-bogglingly close race in Florida would undergo a recount.

In the short span of about six hours, Gore supporters in the Plaza

celebrated their man on the road to victory, then saw their victory start to slip away; Texas Gov. George W. Bush had been declared the victor, and then the networks had retracted this announcement, too.

As movie producer Rob Reiner told CNN early yesterday morning, this story is "stranger than fiction."

After initially disheartening news--in the opening hour of the race, all states besides Vermont went to Bush--Gore headquarters exploded in cheers and applause Tuesday night as networks declared the important

trifecta of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida going to Gore.

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