Dan Weinstein '03: Go Speed Racer Go

Dan Weinstein seems like any ordinary college freshman: he worries about lack of sleep, likes to talk about his entryway, and is starting to figure out just how much reading he really needs to do for his classes. With the dew of college career still fresh, this smiley, easy-going 19-year old talks about Harvard with a buoyant exuberance and not a trace of cynicism.

All in all, he seems in every way to be the friendly, modest guy that you might find living next door in Holworthy.

With one exception.


Dan Weinstein is also a reigning U.S. national champion speedskater and an Olympic athlete. And amidst the freshmen toil of Expos and the nuances of telnet, Weinstein must add the challenges of a world-class athlete.

On Feb. 13 with his entryway in attendance, Weinstein captured the national title in the 500 meters and 1000 meters races, and brought home the men's overall title at the U.S. Short Track Speedskating Championships.

Skating on home ice in Walpole, Mass., he also finished second in the 1500 meters, behind fellow national team member and teenager Apolo Anton Ohno.

A good showing at the U.S. championships, Weinstein feels, was crucial.

"The U.S. championship is what I peaked for physically this year," Weinstein says. "It decides the teams for the Goodwill Games and the World Team and World [individual] Championships. If you don't do well there, then you can't compete anywhere."

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