BLee-ve It!: The Love Doctor Is In

For the past year, I've had an important role here at The Crimson. More important than football beat writer. Yes, even more important than co-sports editor. Indeed, my duty has been of the highest order: unofficial Crimson love doctor.

You might laugh, but I've had a couple major clients and a few walk-ins as well. My philosophy is pretty simple because I have one cardinal rule. It's

not the whole answer, just a lot of it: You're not ready to date unless


you're totally at peace with the prospect of not dating.

So think of me as Dr. Drew, Dear Abby, Anne Landers, and Adam Corolla rolled up into one--although that would be a hideously ugly person. (Please send any future submissions to could become a semi-regular thing, if enough good letters accumulate.)

Dear Love Doctor,

I am a sophomore and I have recently become infatuated with a senior guy who lives two floors above me in my house. I see him on the shuttle every day, and I have gotten my friends to reschedule their dinner times around his. How do I get him to notice me? And is it worth it to go after a second-semester senior when he'll be leaving me forever in a month?

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