Anti-Abortion Campaign

In an effort to publicize a little-known refund option that allows students to claim the a portion of their University Health Services (UHS) fee allotted to elective abortions, an anti-abortion campus group flooded the Houses with literature about the policy.

During the week before spring break, members of Harvard Right to Life (HRL) distributed refund forms and letters in mailboxes and under students' doors.

According to HRL Secretary Bronwen C. McShea '02, the campaign was meant to allow students to object formally to their money being used to fund abortions.


"UHS has been derelict in its duty to inform the student body about its policy in a clear, forthright manner," she said. "Students...should be told up-front about it."

In past years, the refund has been negligible--between two and three dollars, according to HRL Vice President Robert J. Ortiz '00.

But McShea said she felt a responsibility to inform students of the UHS refund policy, regardless of the amount of the refund.

"Until UHS sees fit to remedy this situation, it is going to continue to fall on the shoulders of concerned students to pick up the slack."

Ortiz organized a smaller refund campaign last year just in Pforzheimer House, where he lives. He said about 30 people requested a refund as a result of his efforts.

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