HBS Ends Spring Semester Admission

After six years of admitting students in both January and September, Harvard Business School (HBS) announced last week that beginning in 2001, it will admit candidates for the MBA program in September only.

In the previous system, which HBS called the "two-cohort system," students who began school in January would study for four consecutive terms--including a three-month summer semester--and graduate a year and a half later.

Students admitted in September would take a summer break, finishing in two years.


September Cohort Chair and Professor of Business Ethics Joseph L. Badaracco said the old system will be replaced because it had already achieved its goals and its benefits no longer warranted the added cost to the school and its faculty.

The entire first-year program had to be run twice a year, he said, tying up resources.

"We basically had to juggle two balls instead of one," Badaracco said.

A business school committee, which included students, faculty and outside consultants, found that most of the innovation prompted by the system occurred during its initial years.

Also, they found that the September cohort was much more popular.

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