Harvardisms: Harvard for Beginners

ABP: Acronym for the fast-food bakery Au Bon Pain, where croissants, chess enthusiasts and tourists abound just beyond the Yard's wrought-iron-gates.

A Capella Concerts: 1. Sanders Theatre concerts that take place nearly every weekend in the fall and spring, featuring men in tuxedos and women in black dresses who sing songs from the '60s without instrumental accompaniment. 2. You'll be sick of them by December.

Ac Pro: 1. Academic Probation. 2. Your official status in you don't pass the QRR (see QRR)

Adams House: 1. So close to the Yard, you'll roll out of bed and land in class. 2. Adopted dining hall for many Quadlings.

Ad Board: 1. The Administrative Board of Harvard College. 2. It decides your fate if you screw up badly enough for anyone to take notice. 3. A verb: He was ad-boarded for getting really drunk and his pushing his proctor out of a fifth-floor window.

Advising: Hit or miss. If you need hand-holding, head for a small department. But if your true love is economics, you're on your own.

Advocate: 1. The Harvard Advocate, a literary magazine. 2. Party rental space.

All-Nighter: 1. What you pull the evening before the due date of that 20-page paper you haven't started. 2. Store 24 flourishes because of these.

Anal: Uptight. Description for your neat-freak roommate who color-codes his CD collection and complete Expos assignments weeks before they're due.

Bee: Secretive all-female club that meets weekly to talk ballet, opera, Chenl and Ungaro over tea and lace cookies.

Bic Four-Color Clicker Pen: A must for anal pre-meds who like their class notes color-coded (see Premed).

Blocking: Painful process in March by which you have to select seven of your closest friends to spend the rest of your years with at Harvard. Good luck.

Boston: 1. Where you tell people you go to school. 2. The city you claimed made you choose Harvard over Yale--but that you will almost never visit during your four years.

The Bow: Bar made famous in Good Will Hunting that now has gone the way of most of the family-run establishments in the Square. Better enjoy Grafton St. while you can.

Breakfast Sandwich: The Harvard Dining Services' Egg McMuffin wannabe.

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