Barrios Masters Art of Practical Politics

Jarrett T. Barrios '90 is unstoppable.

The 31-year-old Harvard College graduate has made the transition from Pizza and Politics to public housing without missing a beat, becoming one of the most successful young legislators in the Massachusetts General Assembly.

In the general election just four months away, Barrios is currently unopposed, and the Republican Party acknowledges it's not likely they will recruit a candidate to run against him.


More important is what Barrios' efforts mean for the political climate of Cambridge and perhaps even Massachusetts: that a state once dominated by liberal Democrats, but more recently by moderate Republicans, may be switching back to the Democrats--provided that they have the right candidate.

This is where Barrios comes in.

His job, however, is a difficult one. His district in Cambridge comprises nearly 38,000 people, of very diverse ethnic groups, religions and, especially, socioeconomic classes.

The district is 25 percent black, 7 percent Latino and 10 percent gay. While the district contains a large amount of public housing, there is also a large percentage of higher-income families.

Thus the question of just whom to represent comes to the fore.

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