Protestors Challenge City Evictions

Members of Cambridge's Eviction Free Zone protested high rents yesterday in front of the home of a local landlord who is attempting to evict three Cambridge residents.

The 12 demonstrators, armed with banners, candles and a megaphone, chanted and shouted at the Arlington home of property owner David Cacciola.

"All we have requested is for Cacciola to negotiate fairly with us instead of taking us to court," said Anna Baum, a 17-year resident of 65 Dana St., which is one of Cacciola's properties.


Baum is one of two residents of that building who will be appearing in court today for an eviction hearing. She said she received warning of eviction after she was unable to pay the 21 percent rent increase Cacciola imposed on her in March.

Kerry P. Doyle, another resident of 65 Dana St., went to his eviction hearing already and is waiting on the judge to render a decision.

"We have tried to negotiate with Cacciola. We went to City Council, and they even passed a resolution encouraging him to meet with us. Still, he won't negotiate," Doyle said.

According to material prepared by the Eviction Free Zone, Cacciola told the City Council that he "intends to negotiate in good faith."

Four tenants have made individual deals with the landlord to avoid immediate eviction, but protesters argued the arrangements are merely short-term solutions.

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