Police Log

August 4:

1:59 p.m.—HUPD officers apprehended two individuals wanted for shoplifting by the Cambridge Police Department (CPD). After a brief struggle, the CPD officers placed the suspects under arrest.

August 5:

1:29 p.m.—Officers investigated reports of two people in a motor vehicle asking unusual questions of an individual and chasing the victim into a building at One Western Avenue. Officers were unable to locate the questioners.

August 6:


6:52 a.m.—Officers responded to a dispatch from security saying that unknown people, thought to be contractors, were leaving Aldrich Hall at the Law School carrying boxes full of unknown items.

August 7:

11:42 p.m.—HUPD officers responded to a report of two people in the Yard stopping a passerby and asking bizarre questions. Officers located the two, determined they were playing a prank, and sent them on their way.

August 8:

7:49 p.m.—Officers stopped an individual suspected of smoking marijuana. The suspected smoker was checked for warrants, but finding none, the officers sent the individual on his way and confiscated a glass smoking pipe and a small amount of vegetable matter.

August 9:

11:34 p.m.—A HUPD officer was dispatched to take a report of threats received by an individual in Soldiers Field Park.

August 10:

10:24 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to investigate reports of a counterfeit $10 bill at the Kennedy School of Government. HUPD determined the $10 bill was, in fact, authentic. *

5:54 p.m.—HUPD officers investigated reports of an unfortunate bicycle parking incident leading to an argument at Au Bon Pain on Massachusetts Avenue. When officers arrived, one of the individuals had left.

—Compiled by Siodhbhra M. Parkin and Charles C. Kelsh.

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