Henrietta's or HUDS for Holiday?

Dunster Dining Hall doors are open-but so are Dunkin' Donuts'

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, natives and newcomers will come together to gobble on a more upscale version of dining hall food in Dunster House tomorrow.

The pumpkin pie may not compare to mom’s home-cooked treat, but Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) expects to feed approximately 600 students—native-born Americans and internationals alike—who are not making the journey home.

“We plan to offer turkey, stuffing, and all the good stuff that goes with it,” said HUDS spokeswoman Crista Martin.

The feast, taking place from noon to 3 p.m., will feature traditional Thanksgiving fare, vegetarian entrees, and a selection of pastas. The annual dinners rotate among Dunster, Adams and Quincy Houses, according to Martin.

Pricier and classier options in the Square on Thanksgiving day include Henrietta’s Table at the Charles Hotel and Harvest Restaurant on Brattle Street—and, of course, munchkins at Dunkin’ Donuts until 5 p.m.

Some students will be spending their time on a noble cause and saving the $55 that Henrietta’s Table charges for its Thanksgiving buffet. Harvard Square Homeless Shelter is providing a Thanksgiving meal, and over 60 students and locals will step in to serve food and interact with those spending the holiday at the shelter. “It’s definitely a wonderful community experience,” said Jill F. Stockwell ’08, the shelter’s volunteer coordinator.

The student-run shelter, better known as UniLu because of its location under the University Lutheran Church, recruits temporary volunteers to fill the shifts of students on vacation during winter, intersession, and spring recesses.

The international contingent on campus, for whom the Thanksgiving holiday does not have as much significance, will spend the break bonding with each other at events sponsored by the Woodbridge Society of International Students.

“We also expect many Americans to stop by our events since there is nothing else to do on campus,” the group’s director of publicity and student liaisons, Ritambhara Kumar ’09 said.

Students will be washing down the turkey with Earl Grey tea and Cosmopolitans at the Woodbridge-sponsored movie and tea night on Friday, and a cocktail party on Saturday.

Weiqi Zhang ’10, a native of Shanghai, said he hopes to engage in the festivities, but is worried about the amount of work he has to finish during the four-day weekend.

“I will review for my classes, write papers, and do Expos,” Zhang said.

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