Police Log

Feb. 12
1:53 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to a report of an individual sleeping in Dunster House G entry. The officers arrived, located the individual and a field interview was conducted. Ronald Bradley, 45, was arrested and charged with trespassing and possession of a Class D substance.

Feb. 13
8:57 a.m.—An officer was dispatched to the Fairchild Biochemical Building to a report of two stolen Beckman rotors. One rotor was valued at $5,600 and the other rotor was valued at $7,020. Both rotors had been left unsecured.

Feb. 15
10:26 p.m.—Officers were dispatched to the Harvard Lampoon to a report of an individual reportedly throwing cans out of a window. The officers arrived and spoke to the individual and reported that the situation had been rectified.

Feb. 16
11:58 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to the Holyoke Center to a report of an individual in the building who was reportedly viewing inappropriate materials on a computer. The officers arrived and located the individual. The individual was known to the officers as having a trespass warning for all Harvard University Property. Timur Yildis, 32, was placed under arrest for trespassing.

Feb. 17
2:07 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to Cabot House E entry to a reported fight in progress. The officers arrived and were informed that there was a party on the fifth floor and when the music was shut off the group became angry and started an altercation. The officers report the group left prior to their arrival but observed two broken window panes and blood on the carpet and walls. FMO responded to secure the windows.

Feb. 18
1:59 a.m.—An officer was dispatched to Currier House B entry to a report of a larceny. The officer arrived and spoke to the reporting party who stated their cell phone was removed from their hand when they were attempting to mediate a fight. While on scene the officer was approached by another individual who stated there was a fight in progress. Additional units arrived for backup and officers observed two individuals being restrained by several other individuals. The group was then moved outside for safety and the situation was rectified. The officers then searched the area for the individual who wanted to report the theft of their cell phone with negative results.

Feb. 19
2:52 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to Holmes Hall to a report of a noise complaint. Upon arrival the officers were informed that another call was made regarding the same location reporting a fight in progress. The officers heard loud shouting coming from the room. The officers observed two individuals engaged in a heated argument. The officers asked the individuals several times to stop yelling. One individual continued to yell after repeated instruction to lower their voice by the officers and other occupants of the building. David Maybury-Lewis, 22, was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.