Amidst Rain, Students Celebrate at Carnival

Despite the drizzling rain, students gathered for a night of food, rides, games, and live music on Friday evening at the Harvard Carnival in Tercentenary Theater.

Tracy M. Spekta ’10, who headed the planning for the Carnival, estimated that approximately half of the undergraduate body attended the event.

Live performances by Petros (with help from members of the Expressions Dance Company), Show Me Action, and the Ben Kultgen Band attracted a small but vocal crowd in front of the stage.

Peter C. Shields ’09, who performs under the name Petros, lauded the university for including student performers in this year’s back-to-school celebration.

“This is a notch up [from last year’s event],” Shields said in an interview. “I think Harvard should actively include student performers in anything they do.”

Petros boasted that his performance outshone previous campus-wide events.

“Wu-Tang Clan has nothing on me, but Gavin is a talent”, he said, referring to the performers at last spring’s Yardfest.

The Cliffhanger, a spinning hang glider simulation ride, drew perhaps the biggest lines of the night. After standing on line for over an hour, F. Mauricio Artavia ’10 said he thought the 3-minute ride was worth the wait.

“It’s as exciting as it’ll ever get in the yard,” Artavia said.

Traditional carnival games, including balloon darts, a shooting gallery, and Whac-a-Mole promised prizes ranging from gift certificates to free round-trip flights with Jet Blue.

Dining halls were closed for dinner Friday night, and Harvard University Dining Services dished out corn dogs, pretzels, and candy apples.

“It’s a fun menu for a fun night,” said Martin T. Breslin, HUDS’ director for culinary operations.

Students also flocked to carts dispensing fried dough and cotton candy, but many lamented the dreary weather and closed dining halls.

“Rain is a little disappointing—my food is wet,” Andrea L. Daniel ’09 said. “It’s really annoying that they took the food away from the dining hall. I just don’t like to be forced to go.”

The Carnival was planned and executed by the College Event Board, which has organized similar events in the past, including Yardfest and the Harvard-Yale Pep Rally.