00.0 seconds: Length of the court is too far for the Crimson. Pusar gets stuck in the back court and his sixty-footer falls short. What a Big Rotten Apple.

04.2 seconds: Spin move. Hook. Swish. Uh-oh. HARVARD 59, COLUMBIA 60.

07.2 seconds: Columbia bricks a jumper but the rebound goes out off the Crimson. Drama!

28.2 seconds: Lin with a mediocre drive, gets the foul call. A free throw coming. Nothing but twine. Second touches the rim on its way in, but just barely. The six-minute drought is over. Now it's time for some D. This will likely be the last possession of the game. HARVARD 59, COLUMBIA 58.

50.9 seconds: Noruwa Agho is at the line for two, with the chance to take the lead. He misses the first, drains the second. The Crimson need to dig deep and find its offense. HARVARD 57, COLUMBIA 58.

1:02: Timeout called by Columbia after Lin bricks a three. Harvard has still not scored since 6:21, which is not good.

1:35: Wright with a huge block to prevent the go-ahead lay-in.

1:55: Harris with the offensive foul. Columbia with the ball. The jeer that Harvard is "falling apart" seems pretty accurate.

2:19: Columbia has tied it up with two FTs. HARVARD 57, COLUMBIA 57.

2:25: Harvard couldn't buy a basket even if you gave it one of those American Express Black cards.

3:00: Columbia layup over Lin and Harris cuts it to two. HARVARD 57, COLUMBIA 55.

3:18: Lin tosses up an airball with the shot clock running down. Crimson have not scored for three minutes. To whom does Harvard go to in crunch time when Lin is looking a bit off?

4:09: Turnover, bad pass attempt to Harris. But he wrestles it away on defense, clutch move by the senior.

4:37: Crunch time. Harvard with the ball. HARVARD 57, COLUMBIA 53.

5:24: Lions force a shot clock violation, while the crowd shouts "Give them the D!" Consensus is that Columbia fans are cleverer than Ithaca-ites.

6:00: Patrick Foley of the Lions makes a pretty layup to keep it close. HARVARD 57, COLUMBIA 51.

6:21: After getting fouled on the drive, Housman at the line, makes both. HARVARD 57, COLUMBIA 49.

6:44: Housman does a little shimmy shake, dropping it off to Pusar for the easy bucket. HARVARD 55, 49.

7:15: Miller's still doing damage, grabbing an offensive board and converting the three point play. HARVARD 53, COLUMBIA 49.

Media timeout: Lion male cheerleaders are actually performing, spreading their legs in the air with impressive flexibility.

7:49: Kenyi's really turned up the intensity, poking the ball away. Lin takes it down, drops it to Kenyi, who's fouled. He makes both. HARVARD 53, COLUMBIA 46.

8:30: Matsui has lost the magic. Still scoreless in the half after missing a crucial wide-open three.

9:34: A Columbia three from the corner cuts the lead to five. HARVARD 51, COLUMBIA 46.

9:53: Lin's hands are everywhere, tipping all sorts of balls.

10:10: Miller makes a huge block which draws cheers from the crowd. They don't realize it was a dead ball.

10:43: Pusar blows a beauty of a pass from Kenyi. Jump ball, possession Harvard. El Capitan makes up for it with a layup. HARVARD 51, COLUMBIA 43.

12:19: Columbia fans really have a problem with facial hair. The fixation's kind of weird - "Beardie!" Miller hits one of two FTs. HARVARD 49, COLUMBIA 41.

12:55: Housman is clutch. Two FTs. HARVARD 49, COLUMBIA 40.

13:27: Harvard turnover leads to long lead-out to sprinting Lion, who misses the layup but is fouled. He misses both FTs too. Big play.

13:42: Miller draws the foul on Wright, making one FT. HARVARD 47, COLUMBIA 39.

15:00: Just yanked Roar-ee's tail, twice. Talk about awkward.

15:09: Matsui misses his first triple attempt of the half. Lin proves he's the real Asian invasion with a rainmaker of his own. HARVARD 47, COLUMBIA 37.

15:36: Lin draws another foul and converts both free shots. Columbia heckles continue to devolve. HARVARD 44, COLUMBIA 37.

15:58: Lin's two FTs extend the lead. HARVARD 42, COLUMBIA 37.

Media timeout: Columbia cheerleaders spell out L-I-O-N-S with their pom-poms. Tough stuff.

16:10: Tim Walsh's high school basketball nemesis, Asenso Ampim, enters the game to cheers.

17:08: But do you know what bothers Harris? Weak stuff. The Crimson's sixth block.

17:23: Harris draws a foul after a Lion three-point play. His facial hair bothers the Columbia crowd.

19:05: Harris forces a turnover. He's pumped.

19:35: Keith Wright with a beautiful sequence, denying his elder, Miller, and laying it in on the other end. Harvard takes the lead.

Matsui with 15 points, Miller with 10 for the Lions. Lin leads the Crimson with 8, guards Housman and Pusar each have 7. Columbia has turned the ball over 11 times. Sweet Caroline...

03.3 seconds: Lin holds for the last shot, but he is called for traveling, something that happened a lot last night too.

1:21: Matsui ate his Wheaties this morning - his long triple hits the back of the iron, pops five feet straight up, and gets nothing but net. HARVARD 33, COLUMBIA 34.

1:52: ANOTHER Matsui three. He's 4-5 from long range. HARVARD 33, COLUMBIA 31.

2:28: Lin gets to the line again. Columbia has 7 fouls; Harvard has 2. Lin sinks both. Columbia fans think Kenyi needs to indulge in a sandwich. HARVARD 31, COLUMBIA 26.

2:59: Lin misses both, but Columbia travels.

3:12: Pusar with the laser overhead pass to a cutting Lin, who is fouled on the play. Harris dunks the dead ball for fun.

4:17: Lin the pickpocket, another steal and layup.

4:55: Lion forward Jason Miller is having his way inside. No surprises there. HARVARD 24, COLUMBIA 24.

5:17: Housman is hot, sinking a floater and then finding Pusar for an easy bucket. HARVARD 24, COLUMBIA 22.

6:28: Matsui again from way downtown. HARVARD 20, COLUMBIA 20.

7:37: RE: Columbia cheerleaders
"The two on the left are kinda cute"-Emmett Kistler.

8:23: Housman three from the right corner with a man in his face. Crimson on a 10-0 run, a much stronger start than last night's. Columbia timeout. HARVARD 20, COLUMBIA 15.

9:03: Lin pokes a pass away and takes it all the way for the lead. HARVARD 17, COLUMBIA 15.

10:04: Two Pusar FTs tie the game. HARVARD 15, COLUMBIA 15.

11:00: Ugly three-point shot by Columbia, followed by a sweet Boehm swish. HARVARD 13, COLUMBIA 15.

11:35: Crazy sequence marked by a few near turnovers, Oliver McNally hitting the floor twice, and a Kenyi swat. Harvard ball. HARVARD 10, COLUMBIA 15.

12:30: Harris misses two FTs. HARVARD 10, COLUMBIA 12.

14:15: Max Kenyi gives Harvard the lead with a running hook. HARVARD 10, COLUMBIA 8.

15:02: Peter Boehm sinks his first three point attempt of the game. Surely not his last.

Media time-out fun fact: the Columbia lion is named Roar-ee.

15:54: Jeremy Lin does it again, snaking through the D and knocking in an acrobatic, double-pump layup.

16:00: Sloppy turnovers on both ends.

17:24: Evan Harris pins a layup attempt against the backboard.

17:39: Housman dribbles out of bounds. HARVARD 3, COLUMBIA 8.

18:24: Harvard gets on the board with a Pusar three.

20:00: Columbia wins the tip, and Lion K.J. Matsui drains a long three. And another. HARVARD 0, COLUMBIA 6.

T-0: Hands slap, fists bump, and we're under way.

T-8 minutes: We're here at Levien Gymnasium in the Big Apple, bringing you live coverage of Saturday's matchup between Harvard and Columbia.