Yale Ready For This?

Yalies are going to get it handed to them, John Harvard style

This weekend, continuing a long tradition of hard-fought gridiron battles between two of the oldest schools on this side of the pond, Harvard is heading off to Yale for The Game, a matchup first held in 1875.  We at The Crimson are very excited to watch this latest episode in our storied rivalry. And we look forward to making them eat dirt!

Yale’s quarterback, Patrick Witt, a senior, recently made the tough decision to play in The Game rather than attend his Rhodes Scholarship interview, and we admire his commitment to his school and team—but we think he’ll be regretting it when we are totally handing it to them at the end of the first quarter.

What we are facing is essentially a numbers game. Harvard, at 6-0, the recently crowned Ivy League champions seriously outmatch Yale, at 4-2, in a three-way tie for second place.  If we want to get even more into the numbers, it is the classic showdown between the elite and the riff-raff, the 6.2 percent, as an occupying student might say, versus the 7.9 percent.  Although the occupy protesters might argue differently when it comes to economic inequality, it seems impossible that anyone could hold a delusion that, in this contest at least, the 7.9 could hold a candle to the 6.2.

Additionally, for those students who have never been to New Haven before, we feel that we ought to warn you not to walk alone after dark, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.  We’ll just leave it at New Haven is more beautiful than Yale deserves.

In all seriousness, we are very happy that The Game is back at Yale this year, we could always use an excuse to get off campus and go somewhere with, dare we say it, more social space!  The rules regarding tailgating and alcohol at Yale, which allow alcohol to be served at tailgates that can last until the beginning of the third quarter, are much better than our own (although this is the only area in which they surpass our institution’s eminence) and we encourage Harvard administrators to take notes and hopefully institute something similar when The Game is back here next year.


We wish everyone safe travel to The Game, and hope that you all stay safe, cheer hard, and bring inordinate amounts of school spirit.  We know that all of those Elis wish that they went to school here, so lets remind them why!