Keeping It Going

Oliver McNally, Keith Wright, and Brogan Berry seek professional contracts after stellar senior seasons.

Keeping It Going
Meredith H. Keffer, Sarah P Reid, Dennis A. Sun, and Robert F Worley

Oliver McNally, Keith Wright, and Brogan Berry seek professional contracts after stellar senior seasons.

When the final horn of the season sounds for a senior athlete, what lies ahead? Does the ball keep bouncing or do the gym shoes finally get hung up?

For three Crimson seniors whose successful college basketball careers have come to a close, new opportunities on the court sit just on the horizon.

Brogan Berry, co-captain of the women’s basketball team, led the Crimson to three NIT berths in four years, while both men’s basketball co-captains, Keith Wright and Oliver McNally helped transform Harvard into back-to-back Ivy champions after decades of futility.

But does this type of success at the college level translate into professional basketball? The three soon-to-graduate seniors are excited to find out.


For McNally, long-term aspirations to play at the next level are finally in sight.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to play professional basketball,” said the co-captain, who is currently looking for an agent.

In learning the ins and outs of planning a professional basketball career, McNally has turned to his coaching staff for advice.

“Every single one of our coaches makes themselves extremely available,” McNally said. “Coach Amaker and I have developed a great relationship, and he’s been totally available to help me out and discuss the process.”

As McNally searches for a team, he has his sights set on Western Europe, Ireland in particular.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland,” McNally said. “I’m Irish and its something that I’ve always hoped to do.”

The prospect of playing professionally overseas promises more than simply top-notch basketball for McNally. The 6’3” guard hopes that heading to Europe will be a learning experience and provide an opportunity to see the world.

“I’m really looking forward to continue playing and being able to use [basketball] as a tool to live abroad and learn a new language while still competing at a high level,” McNally said.

Beyond basketball, McNally is open to many future career possibilities and said that his experiences at Harvard have prepared him for whatever he does.

“The responsibility I’ve had being a captain over the past two years and being on a team where you learn to give a little on your end and work with other people is something that’s very useful…whether it’s business, basketball, or whatever,” McNally said.