Baker Secures Republican Nomination for Massachusetts Governor

Charles D. Baker ’79 clinched the Republican nomination for governor at the party convention Saturday, edging out Mark Fisher, a more conservative Republican candidate, for the gubernatorial nomination.

As a result, Baker will be the only Republican candidate to appear on the ballot during the September primary.

The decision to let Baker run uncontested in the Republican primary may give him a leg up by allowing him to focus on gathering support for the general election rather than working to fend off a conservative challenger.

“He can now run a general election [campaign] between now and November,” said Mary Anne Marsh, a democratic strategist for the Dewey Square Group’s Boston office. “That’s always an advantage. He won’t be having the Tea Party Republicans nipping at his heels like he would have if Fisher had made the ballot.”

Karyn E. Polito, a former state representative for the 11th Worcester District, received the nomination for lieutenant governor at the convention Saturday. Polito ran against Steve Grossman for state treasurer in 2010, and, although defeated, drew the highest vote count of any Republican candidate statewide.

Polito brings some political baggage to the race for lieutenant governor.

During the 2010 election cycle, Polito was accused of allegedly misusing her influence to secure rare Red Sox commemorative license plates for family and friends, according to the Boston Globe.