In Photos: Lawrence S. Bacow's Inauguration as Harvard's 29th President

By Mariah Ellen D. Dimalaluan, Kathryn S. Kuhar, Amy Y. Li, Awnit Singh Marta, and Caleb D. Schwartz
By Awnit Singh Marta

On Friday, October 5, Lawrence S. Bacow was inaugurated as Harvard's 29th president. An Academic Procession started a ceremony in Tercentenary Theatre, where hundreds gathered to welcome Bacow.

By Mariah Ellen D. Dimalaluan

Members of the welcome procession prepare to go through security at Johnston Gate before entering Harvard Yard.

Donned in colored robes, Harvard affiliates proceed toward Tercentenary Theatre.

Protestors stand outside Smith Campus Center to demand justice for former University Health Services employee Mayli Shing, as attendees of Bacow's inauguration filed into Harvard Yard across Massachusetts Avenue.

Ceremonial flags carried at the head of the procession. The Harvard University band follows behind.

Faculty Deans process through Tercentenary Theatre on their way to the stage in front of Memorial Church.

Clergy members walk down the aisle in the center of Tercentenary Theatre on Inauguration Day.

Delegates during the Academic Procession wore stickers stating "Believe Survivors" and "I Believe Her."

Four former University Presidents — Derek C. Bok, Neil L. Rudenstine, Lawrence H. Summers, and Drew G. Faust — followed by Bacow, made up the end of the Academic Procession.

Undergraduate Council President Catherine L. Zhang '19 welcomes President Lawrence S. Bacow during the introductory remarks of the Installation.

Amanda S.C. Gorman ’20, the inaugural youth poet laureate, raises her hands to the crowd while delivering an original poem that she wrote specifically for the occasion.

Harvard Corporation Senior Fellow William F. Lee '72 presents Bacow with the Harvard Charter of 1650.

Reverend Jonathan L. Walton delivers the invocation of the inauguration proceedings.

Former University President Drew G. Faust pretends to stamp President Bacow’s hand in a lighthearted moment.

Bacow delivers a nearly 35-minute speech laying out the key themes of his presidency.

Protesters standing in front of Widener Library were heard yelling "Hey, Larry, time’s up” during the start of the President’s address.

Bacow is swarmed by members of the Harvard community. Here, he stops to take a photograph with Samarth P. Desai '20 and Nicholas J. Danby '20 during block party that followed Bacow's installation.

Bacow and his wife, Adele F. Bacow, take photos and shake hands with a crowd of well-wishers during the block party in the old yard.

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