Magic of Numbers: Weekend Countdown

Published by Kendra F. Rosario on March 24, 2011 at 10:11PM

Each Thursday, The Crimson will compile a series of unique statistics about Harvard's sports scene. Welcome to the Magic of Numbers—without the problem sets. We'll do the math for you.


10: Number of teams featured in the Magic of Numbers countdown.

9: Number of groundballs and goals junior midfielder Melanie Baskind has picked up this season. She leads the women’s lacrosse team in groundballs.

8: Number of victories sophomore Thomas Kolasa racked up in the men's sabre competition for Harvard during the first day of the NCAA fencing championship. He led the squad and is currently in ninth place overall.

7: Number of positions Harvard held in the top-15 at NCAA Northeast Region Championship. Freshman Alexandra Kiefer took the top spot in foil while, junior Noam took the title in epee.

6: Number of seniors on lightweight women’s crew.

5: Number of victories men’s lacrosse has attained so far this season.

4: Number of females on the men’s heavyweight crew team: Crimson Staff Writer Alex Sopko, Colby Wilkason, Tian Feng, and Catherine Caputo lower the astronomical testosterone levels while steering the team to victory.

3: The place freshman springer Nicole Silva earned in the Shirley Crowe Multi Meet in Houston, Texas over spring break. She finished with 4,433 points.

2: Number of homeruns the men’s baseball team has hit this year. Juniors Jeff Reynolds and Marcus Way have one apiece.

1: The place freshman Bonnie Hu tied for in the women’s golf spring opener over spring break in California.

0: Number of seniors on the men’s golf roster. With four freshman, one sophomore, and three juniors, the team has youthful feel this season.